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About Us

Our products are made in Alicante, Spain with love

About Us

Created in 2015, Sanosan is a dynamic company specializing in the manufacturing of premium sandals for women and men.

The Sanosan name comes from the combination of two words; SANO, which means "healthy" in Latin, and SAN, short for sandal. The Sanosan factory is located in Alicante, Spain, home to a thriving shoe-making industry creating everything from desert boots to high-heeled, colorful party shoes and sandals. This region is recognized throughout the world as having the most experienced shoe craftsmanship and production facilities, where traditional skills have been passed on through generations.

Sanosan was created with one question in mind: how to best take care of our footsteps knowing that our total body weight rests on our feet? Our top foot specialists have devised the most comfortable and responsive solutions in the form of the ideal insole for your feet.

Sanosan is the creator of the famous Sietelunas™ technology, a pattern certified by the University of Alicante. This breakthrough product improves the distribution of pressure on the sole, increasing stability and absorption with each step.

Sanosan maintains a continuous commitment to our products, using the most responsible materials, so they are good for our feet and our environment. Sanosan's passion is to produce the best quality, most comfortable and beautiful sandals while striving always to improve value, choice, reliability, transparency, and innovation.

Sanosan is probably the world's most comfortable sandal.

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